Hello, I’m Andrew Burroughs

Partner, IDEO Chicago

I’ve always loved to build things, so it’s no surprise I ended up an engineer. But now, instead of designing bicycles or breathing apparatus to swim in my imaginary backyard swimming pool (true story), I’m invested in building IDEO’s body of work in sustainable services, such as energy efficiency and water conservation.

What you won’t learn from my bio:
I love music, especially on my vintage electrostatic speakers. In fact, I’m big on keeping old things running, like my dad’s leather wallet, that I recently retired after 60 years of continuous use.

Joined IDEO:

My Work

Full Bio

Andrew, a partner at IDEO, was educated at London’s Imperial College and the Royal College of Art and brings a balanced view to the role of engineering and design.

His career as a design engineer began in 1987, joining IDEO in 1992. He has designed consumer products and award-winning drug delivery devices, surgical tools, and a kidney transporter (in the MOMA collection). In 2007, Andrew published a book called Everyday Engineering: How Designers See, which provides a view of the world around us through the eyes of an engineer. From 2004 to 2011, Andrew led the IDEO’s Chicago studio. He now focuses his time on developing expertise and creating new offerings in the fields of energy & health, with the goal of creating positive impact for people and the planet.