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Tom Kelley
Partner Emeritus & Founding Team Member, Global
i Joined IDEO in
What you won’t learn from my bio
If I were ever to write an autobiography, I’d call it Seven Lucky Days, because however hard I may have worked to earn success or happiness, I also greatly benefitted from pivotal, fateful moments when luck was clearly on my side. For example the same year I joined IDEO, I, a small-town Ohio boy, met a Japanese woman at an Australian bus stop. That was a very lucky day, and we’ve been married for more than three decades.
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I helped lead IDEO as it grew from twelve designers in a single building to hundreds of creative people in a network spread across three continents. During that time, I oversaw a wide range of areas, including marketing, business development, legal, and talent. In my current role, I serve as Chairman and Founder of the firm’s Tokyo-based venture capital firm D4V (Design for Ventures), investing in more than 60 promising tech start-ups.

I am the author of three successful business books including The Art of Innovation and the New York Times bestseller Creative Confidence, which I co-authored with my brother, IDEO Founder David Kelley.

As a leading international speaker, I have addressed business audiences in more than 30 countries on how to use innovation to renew their cultures and transform their performance.

Beyond my role at IDEO, I served as the first-ever Executive Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

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