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James Higgs
Partner, London
i Joined IDEO in
What you won’t learn from my bio
I am an enthusiastic but slow cyclist and am at my most fulfilled summiting a gigantic high mountain pass. If there's a climb you've seen Tour de France (or Tour de France Femmes) riders complete, I've probably ridden it too—just a lot slower.I am also one of thousands of people who have received a middle age diagnosis of ADHD, which was life-changing, and I have long worked to try to destigmatise mental illness and neurodiversity.
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I'm James, and I practice at the intersection of business strategy, product strategy, and digital strategy. My passion is connecting human need with strategy to help organisations serve customers in a way that makes them feel welcomed as people, not just data points on a KPI dashboard.

My background is in Software Engineering, and over the years I have coded and led teams using a wide range of languages and  frameworks, on a variety of platforms. I have a particular interest and specialism in the practice of modern software delivery, and have always believed that this process starts with a genuine and deep understanding of what the people you are designing for want and need.

I am passionate about helping clients to learn how to adopt new mindsets, tools and technologies so that they can truly win for their customers.

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