How might we finally realise the promise of precision medicine and personalised care?

From first-mile health to last-mile care, how might we design a healthier future for everyone?

IDEO’s health team is committed to unlocking a better and healthier future by designing products, services, and experiences that bring equity, dignity, and joy to all.

Our portfolio of health work is expansive and purpose-driven. We understand the intricacies of health, and effortlessly balance the critical trade-offs of innovation.

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We have a global team of health-obsessed designers, ready to dig into a diverse array of challenges.

Some of the questions that are preoccupying our team:

  • How might we use technology to make care more human?
  • How might health systems care for people while supporting the planet?
  • How might we finally realise the promise of precision medicine and personalised care?
  • How might reimagining care for the next generation challenge the conventions of today?
  • How might we make everyday life healthy by design?

How we help clients

Meet us at HLTH EU

IDEO has a dedicated multidisciplinary team—design researchers, interaction designers, systems designers, and public health experts—who bring decades of experience to health and wellness innovation. Our community and network include clinicians, health system administrators, nurses, community organizers, start-up founders, patients, and many more. We have deep experience and longstanding relationships across the health spectrum.

Members of the IDEO team are at HLTH EU. Connect with us in the HLTH event swapcard app or on Linkedin, and let’s grab a coffee. And an IDEO stroopwafel, which you’ll find in your welcome bag, and at the IDEO coffee point near the Aroma stage.

Matthew Higham
Matthew focuses on the use of design as a powerful tool for change in the healthcare sector. He partners closely with organisations to understand their needs and works tirelessly to build the right systems, approaches and structures to translate these needs into superlative products and experiences.
Suneil Ahuja
Suneil is a Business and Strategy Design Director in IDEO's London studio where he helps clients think strategically and analytically about their challenges and supports his team in making their visions, designs, and solutions viable.
Kalle Jönsson
Senior Director
Kalle helps companies to explore how future products and services might change the way they look at their business and organisation, and how they might have to change the way they are doing things to capture new value.

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