IDEO & Fursys

IDEO & FURSYS come together at Fulton Market Design Days to share our perspective with industry leaders and innovators exploring the future of workplace design and how it intersects with technology, culture, and well-being.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the intersection of technology and workplace culture is reshaping how we think about office environments. This will be a fireside discussion with Fursys CEO/President Taehee Sohn and IDEO Executive Design Director Thomas Overthun, facilitated by IDEO Environments Design Director Bri Patawaran. Expect insightful discussions on the impact of AI, hybrid work and life models, and the future of office spaces.

Taehee Sohn
President at Fursys Group
Since becoming president in 2018, Taehee has led the strategic direction and international expansion of the group's brands.
Thomas Overthun
Executive Design Director
Thomas has created and shepherded new products to market for over 25 years. He has a deep interest in how physical things are made, how they connect to the digital realm and how they act as ambassadors of their brand.
Bri Patawaran
Environments Design Director
Bri brings a holistic design approach to the built environment, integrating human-centered research, architectural rigor and an obsession for finding just the right chair.

IDEO & FURSYS: Fireside Chat

Fursys President Taehee Sohn and Thomas Overton
Moderated by Bri Patawaran

4:00 PM
Tuesday June 11th, 2024
Fursys Showroom

345 N Morgan ST, Suite 500