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The Challenge

Help kids make better decisions around food and exercise.

The Outcome

Three design concepts that encourage healthy habits.

60minutes Proto Location 19754 Cd

Kids wearing the Top Chop aprons.

IDEO designers wanted to take on a challenge: How might we help kids make better decisions around food and being active?

Designers moved forward with three concepts that addressed this challenge from three completely different directions:

  • Top Chops, a hands-on cooking adventure that builds kids’ confidence in the kitchen by working toward becoming a Top Chop “master chef.”
  • Daredevils, a wearable device that measures the intensity of energy exerted, but doesn’t prescribe the activity, which kids can use to dare each other to reach activity goals.
  • Presso, a set of child-size kitchen tools that slice and dice fresh food in imaginative ways, making cooking fun and helping kids feel they have a role in making their own healthy food.

The design team behind this work was featured on 60 Minutes, and some of the resulting concepts were featured on CBS This Morning.

60minutes Proto Location 19610

Daredevils wearable device.

60minutes Proto Location 19963

Presso tools.