Thoughtless Acts: Back-Pocket Breakfast

Feb 28 2017

by Jane Fulton Suri

Thoughtless acts are fascinating to me simply because I enjoy discovering the details in the everyday interactions around me. They also help me remember that, as designers of products and systems, we will never anticipate everything that people do. It's best if we strive to humbly provide simple, understandable, responsive and reliable things that allow natural human creativity to thrive.

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In this picture you see one of my colleagues on her morning trip from our studio kitchen to her desk. She's carrying her morning coffee, purse, and phone in the usual way—so her hands are full. But to save a second trip, she's cleverly stashed her breakfast supplies in the back-pockets of her jeans. A spoon, yes, but would you think it possible to carry a tub of yogurt in your back pocket? This tub has a molded split—intended to keep the yogurt and fruit in separate compartments—but that split creates a perfectly-sized and balanced hook. It's an unanticipated benefit that turned out to be very handy. 

  • Jane Fulton Suri

    Partner Emeritus and Executive Design Director
    Jane Fulton Suri is dedicated to sustaining and evolving design insight and inspiration. A pioneer in the practice of human-centered design, Jane authored "Thoughtless Acts?" in 2005 to encourage greater awareness of intuitive and ingenious ways people interact with the world around them.

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