Poster Children

Apr 07, 2016WORDS BY Sally Sosa

Be visual. It’s one of IDEO’s seven rules of brainstorming. Not too tall an order for those who are quick to start sketching when attempting to communicate pretty much anything. So when a special event gets dropped on our calendar, lots of hands shoot up volunteering to design a poster.

Poster by Nick Dupey, IDEO Cambridge

Less apparent to outsiders is the fact that the creative license that comes with making IDEO eye-candy serves a very important purpose: It’s an antidote to the intense and often prescriptive nature of designing for clients. Event posters allow us to stretch our legs, color outside of the lines, and take a new tool for a walk around the block. And in a collaborative culture that is driven by the “we” and not the “me”, these one-offs offer a rare moment in the spotlight for the artist.

Check out the entire collection on Pinterest.

L to R: Erin Butner Stubbs (San Francisco), Tom Kershaw (Cambridge), Feel Hwang (Palo Alto), Beau Bergeron (San Francisco alum)

L to R: Marta Harding (San Francisco), Zach Hobbs (Chicago), Njoki Gitahi (New York), Wilfred Castillo (San Francisco alum)

L to R: Brian Pelsoh (San Francisco), Nick Dupey (Cambridge), Mary Foyder (Chicago), Fran Barros (Cambridge)

L to R: Brian Standeford (Cambridge), Remy Jauffret (Shanghai), Peter Antonelli (New York), Evan Collisson (San Francisco)

L to R: Elaine Fong (Palo Alto), Anthony Stimola (San Francisco), Ivy Hu (Palo Alto alum), Dirk Ahlgrim (Cambridge)

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