Designer’s Playlist #6

Mar 28 2017

In this series, we ask IDEO designers to share the stuff they're digging right now—tools, books, music, sites, people, places—so you, too, can drink from the fount of inspiration bubbling up here. This week's guest star: Farzad Azimpour, MD.

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Name: Farzad Azimpour, MD
Location: Palo Alto
Role at IDEO: Director of Health (biodesigner and cardiologist). I develop new medical technologies with a specialized team in the Design for Health group. We cover everything from biometrics and robotic surgical devices to future healthcare delivery systems, and anything else that hinges on human interaction and decision-making. 
Joined IDEO: 2015
Instagram: @farzad.azimpour
Titillating Fact: I do a lot of “mode-switching,” flipping between totally different roles and mindsets. It's my way of cognitive interval training. One day I’m in the emergency room performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on someone with a drug overdose-induced cardiac arrest, and the next day I’m with an IDEO team interviewing someone struggling with addiction—in their home as the police bang on the door. 

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Image by Farzad Azimpour

1. Hot Thoughts

Austin-based indie-rock band Spoon, aka “rock stars for the thinking person,” is releasing a new album called Hot Thoughts, previewed at an intimate set of performances this week at SXSW. I’ve been listening to them since medical school and find some of my best work comes from a late night tapping my pen and feet to their sonic genius.

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Image by Minnesota Public Radio

2. The Current

Listener-supported Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) produces one of the coolest, most progressive radio services you’ll find anywhere, and they stream it live. This is where I discover new music to get me through the coldest winter months on the road.

Fdp 4

Image by AAAS

3. The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

This is one of my favorite resources for the wide landscape of scientific research. It’s where you’ll learn of new micro mechanisms to explain macro systems. Their peer-reviewed specialty journals span everything from cell-signaling and translational medicine to robotics, environment, and space. Out-nerd anyone at the next party.

  • Mollie West

    Organizational Designer, IDEO New York
    Mollie West is located in IDEO's New York studio, where she loves to work on projects related to organizational culture. She often gets asked, "What exactly is organizational design?" It's helping IDEO's clients shape the conditions that influence how employees experience their work (structures, processes, talent, and incentives).
  • Farzad Azimpour, MD

    Director of Health, IDEO Palo Alto
    Farzad is a practicing physician specialized in cardiovascular medicine, clinical research, and biodesign. He serves as an advisor to the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign, instructor in medical humanities at Stanford University School of Medicine, and faculty at Japan Biodesign.

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