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Calling All Lovers of Music and Bad Puns

Sep 06 2016

You may have heard: Designers like fonts. They dream in Helvetica. Letterforms may play as central a role in a designer's life as their favorite bands. Knowing this, our Tokyo studio threw an event called "PLAY - Creativity at The Intersection of Design + Music." We needed posters to promote it, and asked ourselves: How might we bring music and design together? The exercise quickly devolved into a competition for who could come up with the worst font-band pun. There's a slim overlap in the venn diagram of people who appreciate both Frank Zappa and Zapf Dingbats, but that is exactly who we were aiming for. Got your own #ideobandfont? Do share.

Music Design 8
Music Design Posters Halftone3
Music Design 9
Music Design Posters Halftone4
Music Design 7

This post is a source of parody and is for entertainment, education and commentary purposes only.

  • Marty Brown

    IDEO Alum
    Marty is a designer, maker, biker, baker, writer, wrangler, fixer, father and project lead at IDEO.