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David Aycan and Paolo Lorenzoni write on the art of prototyping for HBR

Harvard Business Review

IDEO’s David Aycan and Paolo Lorenzoni match different forms of prototyping to contexts and scenarios and weigh the pros and cons of each. For the full article click here.

articles / Posted: March 17, 2014


New Work from The Royal Academy of Arts and IDEO

Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts talks about how they have worked with IDEO to change their website - as a first step. This is just part of ambitious plans to open up the Academy to provide new ways to engage with art and artists.

articles / Posted: March 13, 2014


German Capital talks with Tom & David Kelley


As part of a 10-page feature on design thinking, business magazine Capital interviews Tom and David Kelley in our Munich studio. The reporter also spoke to IDEO client Swiss Life about the design of One100, a completely new venture for the organization. And Ravensburger, a leader in games, puzzles and children’s book, talks about tiptoi, the digital audio learning system that IDEO helped develop.

For the interview with Tom and David, go here

Read the full 10-page feature here

articles / Posted: March 5, 2014


Paul Bennett on Making Time for Creativity

The New York Times

IDEO’s chief creative officer Paul Bennett writes in the The New York Times about unscheduling himself to make time for serendipity. Read the full article. Also available in Japanese.

articles / Posted: February 15, 2014


Sungene Ryang talks with Nikkei Newspaper about IDEO and Japanese Design

Nikkei, Japan’s most influential national newspaper interviewed Sungene about how IDEO has reigned in the world of design for the past 20+ years. After detailing our human-centered approach, Sungene describes how Japan is a great source of inspiration for designers around the world and reveals how IDEO hopes to help Japanese companies to reconnect with their creative confidence. This is the first of a series of five articles on IDEO to be published in 2014. Read the English translated version here.

View the pdf

articles / Posted: February 6, 2014


OpenIDEO Relaunched on OI Engine

OpenIDEO has relaunched using the new OI Engine software. It’s been rebuilt from the ground up for stability, performance, a great user experience, and social impact.

articles / Posted: January 15, 2014


Getting Hired at IDEO

Core 77

As part of a series on hiring, Core77 takes a deep dive into life at IDEO and spotlights our values, culture and recruitment processes. For the full Q&A with Partner Duane Bray click here.

articles / Posted: January 14, 2014


Empathy on the Edge

IDEO is expanding the power of design thinking by helping organizations to scale and sustain empathy. Find out how here.

articles / Posted: January 9, 2014


Harvard Business Review IDEO's Helping Culture

Harvard Business Review

IDEO’s culture of helping is highlighted in the latest issue of Harvard Business Review. Click here for the full story. Read the article in Chinese here.

View the pdf

articles / Posted: January 8, 2014


Winners announced in OpenIDEO’s Creative Confidence Challenge


OpenIDEO, IDEO’s open innovation platform, announces the winners in the Creative Confidence challenge that explored the question, “How Might We Inspire Young People to Cultivate their Creative Confidence?” Nine winners stemming from over 1,000 inspirations and 600 ideas were chosen ranging from a toolkit for creative confidence enablers to an online platform that structures creative opportunities through games.

articles / Posted: December 18, 2013


Off the Record is Live

Off The Record, an eclectic compilation of original IDEOer tracks, is live for all to enjoy. Share with your friends and rock on!

articles / Posted: December 12, 2013


Creative Confidence in Süddeutsche Zeitung

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Sophie Crocoll from the German daily newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, talks about David and Tom Kelley‘s Creative Confidence. Creative Confidence will be available in Germany in early 2014. Read the full article here.

articles / Posted: December 4, 2013


New Bike Saddle for Brooks England in the News

IDEO’s collaboration with Brooks England for the Cambium C17 bicycle saddle was covered in DesignBoom, WIRED, Core77, Fast Company and 7x7. Read more about the work here.

articles / Posted: November 15, 2013


Creative Confidence on Slate

Slate Magazine

In this six part series, Slate Magazine explores Creative Confidence, the new book from IDEO’s Tom and David Kelley. Read about Doug Dietz and his work for GE redesigning the MRI experience for children, the value of rapid prototyping, what Steve Jobs taught us about creative confidence, and the trick to inventing a better ice cream scoop for Zyliss.

More at Slate‘s blog The Eye.

articles / Posted: November 1, 2013


Time for Asia to Build its Creative Confidence


Paul Bennett‘s piece appears in TODAY, a Singapore daily newspaper: “Asia is having its own creative moment, albeit in many different places and at many different levels.” Read the full article here.

articles / Posted: October 31, 2013

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