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The Engineer of the Original Apple Mouse Talks About His Remarkable Career


WIRED spotlights the career of self taught engineer and early IDEO employee Jim Yurchenco. The featured video, narrated by Jim, focused on the art of engineering, design and culture at IDEO and gives budding designers advice for success. IDEO project highlights include Apple’s first mouse, the Palm V and the first desktop computer for Metaphor. Read the full story here.

articles / Posted: August 18, 2014


Shaping a School System, From The Ground Up

The New York Times

The New York Times spotlights IDEO’s work with Innova Schools to design a school system in Peru from the ground up. The article looks at how “increasingly design companies like IDEO are being asked to build complex systems for businesses, governments and non profit organizations”. For the full article click here.

articles / Posted: July 5, 2014


FOCUS Talks With Tom and David About Creative Confidence

FOCUS Magazine

German magazine FOCUS visited IDEO Palo Alto and the d-school and talked to Tom and David Kelley about Creative Confidence (recently published in Germany Kreativität und Selbstvertrauen). The article also mentions IDEO Munich’s work with Swiss Life and Ravensburger. In German.

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articles / Posted: May 21, 2014


Designs On— Aging Launches

Wall Street Journal Digits, Fast Company, DesignBoom and Slate

Wall Street Journal‘s Digits blog captures the story of Barbara Beskind, a 90 year old designer at IDEO. Barbara was an integral part of our Designs On— Aging exploration, also covered by Fast Company, DesignBoom and Slate.

articles / Posted: May 5, 2014


Redesigning the School Lunch Experience

Wired and DesignBoom

WIRED and DesignBoom cover IDEO’s work with the San Francisco Unified School District to redesign the school lunch experience and both feature IDEO’s story capture of the work.

articles / Posted: May 5, 2014


Nikkei Explores Brainstorming

Nikkei Business Online

A feature in Nikkei Business Online in which the author discusses how IDEO’s brainstorming does much more than just idea-generation. Available in Japanese and English.

articles / Posted: April 30, 2014


A Light Installation That Can Visualize Any Data Stream

Wired and Engadget

WIRED and Engadget spotlight Project Edison for JDV’s Epiphany Hotel.

articles / Posted: April 30, 2014


Straits Times and Tim Brown Discuss Design

The Straits Times

Tim Brown is interviewed by The Straits Times on the role of design and transforming a company by design. Read the article here.

articles / Posted: April 28, 2014


Kontakter and Axel Unger on the Customer Experience

W&V Kontakter Magazine

German W&V Kontakter Magazine talks to Axel Unger about how to involve the customer early on in the design and development process. The article also features One100, the offer that IDEO has developed together with our client SwissLife. In German.

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articles / Posted: April 25, 2014


Tom Kelley Talks About Japan’s Innovation Path

Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Japan’s leading economic paper features Tom Kelley‘s view on the future of innovation and the path Japan should follow. In the piece, Tom discusses the mission of IDEO, the importance of reverse mentoring and creative confidence. Available in Japanese and English.

articles / Posted: April 11, 2014


BusinessWeek Talks to Sandy Speicher About Education in Peru

In their annual Design issue, BusinessWeek profiles Sandy Speicher and the work she led for Innova, a school system for Peru’s middle class.

articles / Posted: March 20, 2014


David Aycan and Paolo Lorenzoni write on the art of prototyping for HBR

Harvard Business Review

IDEO’s David Aycan and Paolo Lorenzoni match different forms of prototyping to contexts and scenarios and weigh the pros and cons of each. For the full article click here.

articles / Posted: March 17, 2014


New Work from The Royal Academy of Arts and IDEO

Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts talks about how they have worked with IDEO to change their website - as a first step. This is just part of ambitious plans to open up the Academy to provide new ways to engage with art and artists.

articles / Posted: March 13, 2014


German Capital talks with Tom & David Kelley


As part of a 10-page feature on design thinking, business magazine Capital interviews Tom and David Kelley in our Munich studio. The reporter also spoke to IDEO client Swiss Life about the design of One100, a completely new venture for the organization. And Ravensburger, a leader in games, puzzles and children’s book, talks about tiptoi, the digital audio learning system that IDEO helped develop.

For the interview with Tom and David, go here

Read the full 10-page feature here

articles / Posted: March 5, 2014


Paul Bennett on Making Time for Creativity

The New York Times

IDEO’s chief creative officer Paul Bennett writes in the The New York Times about unscheduling himself to make time for serendipity. Read the full article. Also available in Japanese.

articles / Posted: February 15, 2014

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