Without Thought for IDEO

Design exploration

IDEO Japan and the Diamond Design Management Network have sponsored design exploration workshops for the last three years, as a way of sharing philosophy and values with the design community. During the 1999 three-day program, twenty participants from thirteen companies created and visualized ideas for products that would communicate their purpose intuitively. During the following three months, the designers brought the ideas to fruition, working closely and remotely via Internet, and focusing on creating value unique to each company.

The goal was to search for an essential design approach, to carefully see what people do and feel in their daily lives, and to find solutions that are simple, but which touch the senses and memories shared by people. The name “Without Thought” was chosen to communicate the intuitive and subjective nature of the subtle and multisensory relationships that people have to their environment, and to their experience of everyday things.

There were twenty design solutions, including a paper telephone that allows easy note taking; an embracing weight scale with a foam foot pad; a TV that rotates for use as an indirect light source; a dustpan with a built-in vacuum; and an umbrella stand that monitors and displays the outside weather conditions. The results were shared among the workshop participants and the public at large as an exhibition at OZONE in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and also published in a limited-edition book.

Project date: 1999