Wine Block and Dog House Wine for Kendall-Jackson

Wines that tell a story

To explore uncharted markets for their wine, Kendall-Jackson came to IDEO for help generating new brand concepts. Beginning with an immersive three-day workshop, members of IDEO and Kendall-Jackson’s senior management studied shopping behaviors in the field, shadowing people as they shopped for wine. The group found that many twenty- and thirty-something buyers preferred brands that communicated authenticity and craft, and told a story through visuals and text. With this insight, the team brainstormed ways to create brands that redefined the wine industry’s notion of authenticity and sophistication.

Emerging from the workshop was Wine Block, the first high-end box wine—specifically, two bottles worth of Kendall-Jackson wine sealed in an oxidation-proof Mylar bag. The box itself is a compact, fridge-friendly cube printed with bright colors and blocky font. Able to stay fresh for up to six weeks longer after opening than bottled wine, Wine Block speaks to the growing demand for wine as the casual adult beverage of choice.

The workshop also inspired Dog House wine, which uses graphic icons to represent the wine’s identity and generate enthusiasm through viral marketing. Conveying quality without pretense, Dog House wine speaks to the younger crowd’s sense of social responsibility, with a portion of proceeds from every bottle going to Guide Dogs for the Blind.

The IDEO workshop also resulted in a sea change within Kendall-Jackson’s organization. By integrating brainstorming and collaboration into their own process, Kendall-Jackson markedly increased their creative productivity and methods for innovation. Dog House wine and Wine Block were introduced to the market just six months after the IDEO workshop; Dog House was rated #4 on IRI’s list of Top 10 New Table Wine Brands of 2005.

Project date: 2005