Twist ‘n Go for Pepsi-Cola

Refillable beverage cup for fast-food fountains

The Twist ‘n Go cup addresses two problems revealed by Pepsi’s market research: patrons of fast-food restaurants were more often taking food to go, and fountain sales were dropping because the familiar wax-paper cups were not strong enough for travel.

The solution combines a reusable plastic cup with a twist-off bubble lid with an easy-open spout. This provides consumers with a wide-mouthcup that is easily filled at existing fountain stations, but allows them the ease of drinking from a bottle while on the go.

IDEO’s industrial design provided a new look that with aspects of Pepsi’s new bottle design, echoing the bottle’s raised swirls. The offset of the spout gives the cups—which come in 32-ounce and 44-ounce sizes—a unique character. Mechanical engineering solved numerous high-volume manufacturing issues, such as achieving proper sealing in the domed lid and bottle spout, and human factors experts considered sizes of hands, mouths, and even automobile cupholders during the design phase.

The result is a robust, practical, multi-use cup that will raise fountain sales and provides ample branding space for promotions and logos.

Project date: 1998