Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit

A free, how-to toolkit and coursework that introduces educators to the process and methods of design

The Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit contains the process and methods of design adapted for the context of K–12 education. It offers new ways for educators to be intentional and collaborative as they design solutions for their schools, empowering educators to create impactful solutions for complex challenges. Teachers all over the globe are using it to create new solutions for their classrooms, schools and communities—using empathy to help develop curriculum, engaging students in helping to design their spaces and working with each other to create new tools and processes for school-based challenges. The effort is helping teachers become agents of change within their schools, driving new small- and large-scale innovations.

At IDEO, we’ve been using similar processes, methods and tools for years in tackling some dauntingly complex challenges. More often than not, we’ve experienced how Design Thinking helps to get to the next step. That’s why we are excited to see how it can impact the world of education. The partnership with Riverdale Country School has enabled us to create this toolkit and make it broadly and freely available.

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Project date: 2011

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Visit the Design Thinking Toolkit for Educators site for stories, case studies, process outlines, engagement opportunities and more.