“Pi” Payment Platform and “Albert” Point-of-Sale Device

A new digital platform and portable payment device built on the Android operating system

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is a major provider of integrated financial services, including retail banking, funds management, and investment services. As a leader in financial technology solutions for personal, business, and corporate needs in Australia, CBA approached IDEO to explore and develop impactful new ways to improve everyday payment interactions. The result was the conception, design, and implementation of a new open platform—“Pi”—and portable payment device—“Albert.”

Pi is an open retail business platform designed to enhance customer relationships, not just improve customer transactions. Pi improves face-to-face customer interactions at the point of sale by offering an unprecedented level of flexibility, functionality, and customization for businesses. Whether you’re providing an easier way to split the bill in a restaurant, activating a loyalty program in a store, enabling customers to donate to a charity, or responding to individual preferences to offer more personalized experiences at a hotel—all of this new app-based functionality is now possible with Pi.

To access the open Pi platform, IDEO and CBA partnered with Wincor Nixdorf to create a multifunctional, interactive device powered by the Android operating system.

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Project date: 2012

Facts & Figures

With the release of Pi and Albert, Commonwealth Bank announced five new technologies that change the game for businesses and consumers.