Building the Ultimate Utility Bike for Oregon Manifest

IDEO designers partner with framebuilder Rock Lobster to create the Faraday, an electric bicycle to inspire everyday riding

Oregon Manifest is a non-profit that aims to show that bikes can make the world a better place. The Portland-based organization celebrates the craft, design, and innovation of bicycles by leading an biennial national competition that challenges top bike builders to create the ultimate utility bike, which can both survive a rigorous road trial and integrate seamlessly into everyday life.

For Oregon Manifest, the utility bike is the transportation mode of the future for millions of Americans who want to live healthier, more sustainable lives, but don’t think of themselves as cyclists. But the two-wheeled revolution, according to the organization, won’t come on the saddle of a race bike or a specialty bike — and that’s the challenge.

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Project date: 2011

In the Press

Visit the Faraday team's site at

Reviews of the Faraday, created with Rock Lobster cycles, can be found on and CNET, along with a journal of its build over the past eight months on Core77.