Disrupting the Drugstore

IDEO and PillPack redefine how customers engage with their pharmacy

Whether you’re living with chronic pain, recovering from an acute illness, or aging gracefully—obtaining and managing medication is often a bigger pain than the diagnosis itself. PillPack eases that pain by replacing the traditional pharmacy with a fast, simple home-delivery service.

PillPack pre-sorts your prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins into personalized packets, organized by date and time. This makes it easy to take the right meds at the right hour, either at home or on the go. Each 14-day supply of medication fits neatly into a recyclable dispenser with a label that includes an image of each pill.

Every two weeks, a shipment from PillPack’s pharmacy in New Hampshire arrives at your doorstep, along with any changes or new instructions. Its pharmacists coordinate your refills for you and are available via phone or email anytime to answer questions.

As a young company, working with IDEO helped us establish a design-centric culture that put our customers at the center of everything we do. It’s impacted the way that we approach everything from product development to brand positioning.

—TJ Parker, PIllPack CEO

PillPack is the second startup-in-residency to work with IDEO Boston. Company founders Elliot Cohen and TJ Parker joined forces with the design team to redefine how consumers engage with their pharmacy. The collaboration focused on making sure that every moment customers interact with PillPack, from signing up for the service online to using its product daily, was straightforward and reassuring.

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Project date: 2014