Dilbert’s Ultimate Cubicle for United Media

A fictional workplace inspires a new space concept

Since 1989, Scott Adams’s comic strip Dilbert has chronicled the life of his title character in the impersonal “cubicle farms” of the modern office. One of the most popular comic strips in the world, Dilbert resonates with anyone who’s ever worked in a maze of identical offices that seemed designed to make the greatest number of workers equally uncomfortable.

Scott Adams approached IDEO to create Dilbert’s Ultimate Cubicle, an attempt to address the myriad issues connected with partition-based offices: lack of personal control, absence of privacy, inadequate space and tools, and so on. IDEO designers created and lived in their own “Dilbertville” within the San Francisco office for several weeks, to gain empathy for typical cubicle dwellers and to gain firsthand…

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Project date: 2000

Facts & Figures

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