Designs On–

A design innovation platform that advances creative discussion through provocations around themes

The New Old. It’s a bit of a puzzle. The aging process takes longer, and is short on easy answers. One-size-fits-all design doesn’t work.

Enter Designs On— an award-winning design innovation platform that advances global discussion in the creative community by presenting forward-thinking provocations around themes such as packaging, food, global warming, and birth.

In this issue, the sixth in our series, we tackle Aging. Designs On— Aging is a prototype, intentionally unrefined. It’s collection of emergent ideas and questions we’re inspired by that came out of conversations with the people we’re designing for. On the site you’ll find perspectives from around the world, including China—a country facing an increased aging population head-on—and Europe, where the economic and pension crises have changed the face of retirement.

But regardless of where they live, today’s aging population is more educated, more active, healthier, and living longer than ever before. They represent a diversity of lifestages, mindsets, interests, and needs. The twilight years are no longer about a life made easy and passive. If anything, the elderly wish to remain challenged, and to be seen for their potential, not their infirmity.

And by the way, many in this group know their way around technology—they invented it.

So, why aren’t businesses creating products and experiences that support longer life expectancies and evolving career patterns? Without anyone stepping in to support their needs, the aging are designing scrappy solutions for themselves.

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Project date: 2013