CD Player for Muji

Rethinking the CD player with Japanese minimalist design

“Without Thought” is a yearly program conducted by the Diamond Design Management Network and IDEO Japan. Designers from many Japanese companies come together for three days to explore a theme, continuing collaboration on their individual projects for weeks afterward in order to eventually create a model of their idea.

The goal for the 1999 Without Thought project was to search for an essential design approach, to carefully see what people do and feel in their daily lives, and to find solutions that are simple, but touch shared senses and memories. The name “Without Thought” was chosen to communicate the intuitive and subjective nature of the subtle and multisensory relationships that people have to their environment, and to their experience of everyday things.

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Project date: 2002

Facts & Figures

Annual sales of the Muji cd player amounted to 270 million yen ($2.2 million) in its first year.

An increasingly urban population is looking to its walls for extra space, hanging everything from TVs to mp3 players.