Amia Chair for Steelcase

A unique back-support system to advance a seating category

Task chairs have become icons of the modern office, emblematic of such workplace values as innovation, comfort, prestige, and flexibility. To reflect recent ergonomic advancements, many task chairs have taken on an outwardly mechanistic aesthetic and a higher price point. Shifting this course within the industry is the Amia Chair by IDEO and Steelcase, a task seating design that complements Steelcase’s portfolio with a simpler aesthetic and a lower price point.

Pulling from Steelcase’s ergonomic expertise in the area of back support, the Amia Chair speaks to the diversity of body shapes and sizes in the US market. A dynamic design, the Amia features an implicit support system called LiveLumbar’a height-adjustable zone that flexes with the user’s back for consistent ergonomic support. The LiveLumbar technology, which is purposefully incorporated into the overall shape, senses and moves with the individual through a system of flexors that move up and down the back to provide a comfortable fit. Manual adjustments are made using clearly indicated controls.

To further express the accessibility of the design, IDEO specified a series of inviting details. A subtle texture elevates the look and feel of the chair’s larger plastic surfaces. A stitched upholstery option lends a sense of craft to an otherwise highly industrialized product. The seat is contoured with hidden rib-like support for long-term sitting. All of the Amia’s materials (33% recycled) have been approved by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry as safe for human and environmental health, and make for a chair that is up to 97% recyclable.

Steelcase’s Amia was awarded a Gold “Best of NeoCon 2007” in the ergonomic seating category.

Project date: 2007