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Can you make a living doing what you love? Call it Maker Culture, Creator Economy, or Indie Capitalism. We call it a design provocation. Will Work For envisions an alternate present. And the inevitable future of work.

Will Work For is an exploration between Collaborative Fund and IDEO on the future of work. The exploration features three personas, each bringing to life a new economic path. Uncover their stories below to imagine a future where humans, the earth, and the grid work together to power our world. What will you work for?

Meet Ani.

At 16 years old, Ani built a home energy tracking software for solar and wind energy that lets people sell the energy they save back to the grid. Ani represents a future where young people code the world around them—a future where we are what we build.

I love being an LLC under 16. My mom manages my prototyping budget and my dad test-drives all my new builds.


Ani's story on Vimeo

Meet Claire.

Claire is a scientist by day, stay-at-home teacher by night. After realizing the best teachers weren't always in their school districts, Claire and her fellow teachers created new ones. In Claire's world, teachers are no longer simply messengers—they're facilitators, rethinking the formula of education to grow a smarter global culture.

As practitioners and parents, we refocused our influence on industry to create impact in academia.


Claire's story on Vimeo

Meet Reed.

Reed spends half his week downtown and half on the farm, reimagining smallshare farming by coding fields to harvest big data. Reed lives in a future where humans no longer seek to tame nature, but rather to be in dialogue with the earth, working together to rekindle the integrity of the food we eat and the tools we use to harvest it. 

Our algorithms have changed seed sourcing for good. Running analytics at night gives us more time to plow during the day.


Reed's story on Vimeo

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