OI Engine is an innovation management solution that helps organizations tackle tough challenges collaboratively. We help organizations apply and manage IDEO's design thinking process through software and capability-building.

OI Engine has been used by a variety of organizations—Shell, Harvard Business School, Hewlett Packard, Umpqua Bank—in order to generate new revenue opportunities and cost savings, and to transform their culture. Hewlett Packard alone generated a potential ROI of $10 million within six months from a single challenge.

Because design thinking is the heart of the approach,  firms are generating solutions based on real insights, and saving R&D time by testing ideas earlier in the innovation process, leading to far greater impact.

And unlike most enterprise software, it’s designed to delight the user, which will keep employees and customers keep coming back.

To find out more, visit www.oiengine.com or contact us at hello@oiengine.com.

OI Engine is an award-winning platform which helps organizations engage their people and networks in creative problem-solving.

Oie New

Matt Tucker from Harvard Business School discusses how OI Engine has changed Harvard's approach to engaging with its networks.