I Miss My Pencil

What if a doorbell could trigger the connection between scent and memory? What if watches told time more slowly on weekends?

IDEO design director Martin Bone and IDEO materials expert Kara Johnson explore these and other thought-provoking questions about what inspires designers to design with I Miss My Pencil.

This 240-page glossy tome from Chronicle Books and IDEO follows 12 design experiments through collaboration, sketching, prototyping, fabrication, and photographing to show us new ways of seeing the objects that surround us. Each experiment starts with a provocative hypothesis — an observation of human behavior or specific elements of materiality — and ends with an object and its story.

With each of these experiments, the authors provoke new ways of seeing the objects that surround us. The next time we use, buy, or design a doorbell, stereo speakers, or a bottle of wine, we will regard each object differently.

Stunning work. The richest conceptual industrial design work I have seen for some time, propelled by the idea of materials over form.

John Barratt, IDSA, president and CEO, Teague

IDEO’s Cambridge office brings to life a concept from I Miss My Pencil — bringing physicality back to the experience of listening to music.

News & Awards

I Miss My Pencil won a 2009 IDEA Gold Award and was honored in HOW Magazine’s 2010 Design Annual for photography/illustration.


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Apr 2009

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