ExperienceInnovation: A Workshop for Teams

ExperienceInnovation is a workshop in innovation, giving teams meaningful experience with design thinking.

Design thinking is an approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit—taking a human-centered approach to translating ideas into tangible strategies and offerings. Design thinking accelerates innovation, helping create better solutions for the challenges facing business and society.

ExperiencePoint, in collaboration with IDEO, created the simulation game ExperienceInnovation to provide a direct experience with design thinking. Teams compete to solve a realistic and complex challenge while engaging with the terms, techniques, and thought patterns of successful innovators.

Teams collaborate to develop low-risk, quick experiments to grow their idea.

Collaboration can be done in person or through a virtual experience.

Built for designers and non-designers alike, ExperienceInnovation creates an energizing, practical, and relevant learning experience that supports tangible business objectives using leading-edge technology. The workshop is optimized for a half- or full-day experience and is available as an in-class exercise, or online for remote teams. To date, over 15,000 people from a variety of companies and industries have completed ExperienceInnovation experience.

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Jun 2015

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