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Designs On— is a semi-annual project to advance global discussion in the creative community by presenting forward-thinking provocations around themes such as packaging, food, global warming, and birth.

Part personal perspective, part collective manifesto, these explorations allow global IDEO designers to explore solutions to tricky, vexing issues of the day. Designs On— is a publication. Designs On— is a website. Designs On— is, at its core, a flexible forum that drives exploration, iterative thinking, early prototyping, and sharing, minus boundaries or constraints.

View all our past publications at, including our latest exploration — Designs On— Aging.

From Designs On— Aging: To begin the inspiration phase, we asked our Chicago studio what comes to mind when they think of aging. Learn more.

From Designs On— Aging: Supportive, pneumatic swimsuits help people who love to swim stay in the water longer without worry. Learn more.

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From Designs On— Packaging: Knowing when medicine is, and respectively is not, safe to ingest is essential. Why not turn to bananas for a few simple hints about medicine expiration? Learn more.

Pill bottle showing its expiration