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OpenIDEO is an open innovation platform where people from all corners of the world collaboratively tackle some of the toughest global issues through launching Challenges, programs, and other tailored experiences.

A Challenge is a three-to-five month collaborative process that focuses attention on the topic and creates a space for community members to contribute and build off each other. This approach is modeled on IDEO's design thinking methodology.

You can learn more about it here, or sign up to start collaborating and read on to learn more about how to participate.

Active Challenges

Empowering Caregivers in Immunization Innovation Challenge

Immunization saves an estimated 2–3 million lives every year. Unfortunately, 1 in 10 children globally still does not get all their vaccines, mostly in the world’s poorest, most disadvantaged communities. Caregivers face very real barriers, including mass urbanization and migration, political conflict, natural disasters, and environmental disruption, to name a few.

Sponsored by the Gates Foundation, we're launching the Empowering Caregivers in Immunization Innovation Challenge, calling on our global community to build solutions that address this pressing global health issue. We're asking for ideas to answer the question, "How might we empower caregivers to seek and fully utilize immunization services in their communities?"

Together, we’ll explore the current state of vaccine innovation in global public health, why caregivers play such an important role in the system, and which lenses might help us to most effectively understand and design for solutions. Share your ideas until March 10, 2019 for a chance to win $50,000 in funding.

Accelerating Immunization Coverage for Rapid Urbanization Challenge

As global population demographics evolve, skewing rapidly towards urban and peri-urban settings, routine immunization programs need to adapt with specific interventions tailored to reaching every child. The growing number of people living in urban areas has brought new challenges for gathering data, planning and communicating—as well as opportunities to develop new approaches to routine immunization.

Join the Innovating for Urban Immunization Challenge for a chance to receive long-term partnership and country implementation support from Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance. The goal of this challenge is to find new solutions to the question, “How might we harness technology to bring quality immunization services to mobile urban populations, reduce outbreaks and improve primary healthcare?”

Solutions can be submitted to the Challenge now through March 20. Solutions chosen in the final rounds of selection will be announced in July 2019.

These “INFUSE pacesetters” will have the opportunity to work in collaboration with Gavi to develop a plan for accelerating and scaling their innovations in Gavi countries.

Early Childhood Book Challenge

From day one, meaningful interactions with adults are fundamental to young children’s development. During a child’s first three years of life, more than a million new neural connections are formed every second—more than at any other period. Reading, talking, singing, and playing are all critical tools to help a child learn and make these invaluable connections.

To this end, the Early Childhood Book Challenge seeks to address three needs:

  1. Parents need more support: Caregivers need to be equipped with the tools, resources, and confidence to support their child’s development.
  2. Children and caregivers need a high quality book they love: Child-caregiver interaction is vital to early childhood development. The more that children and caregivers love their books, the more likely they are to read and interact.
  3. We need more diversity in the types of stories being told: Many children’s books don’t reflect historically underrepresented characters, settings, or narratives.

Join OpenIDEO’s Early Childhood Book Challenge, funded by the William Penn Foundation, for a chance to win $20,000 and a potential publishing opportunity. We are seeking manuscripts for a children’s book that engages children (from birth to age three) and provides adults with ways to support early language development.

Manuscripts can be submitted from now through April 12, 2019 and the winner will be announced on June 21, 2019.

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