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Hybrid Insights: Where the Quantitative Meets the Qualitative

Rotman Magazine

IDEO business designer Johannes Seemann bridges qualitative and quantitative research methods through an innovative approach called hybrid insights. In the latest issue of Rotman Magazine, he writes about how organizations can identify new opportunities for growth by taking a human-centered approach to market segmentation.

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articles / Posted: October 23, 2012


PSFK: Dana Cho on the Future of Retail


How might businesses rethink their physical brand retail presence in new and strategic ways? IDEO Partner Dana Cho spoke with PSFK about helping companies design and launch innovative solutions. Read the full PSFK interview here.

articles / Posted: October 22, 2012


Wounded Warrior Selected in AIGA “Justified” Awards


The AIGA’s “Justified” Awards highlight design’s impact. Entries were judged based on their design attributes and whether their case for effectiveness was clear, compelling, and accessible. Wounded Warrior was one of 18 selected from over 400 great entries. Read the full Wounded Warrior design case study here.

awards / Posted: October 4, 2012


Tim Brown in LinkedIn’s Top 150 Thought Leaders


Tim Brown is one of 150 thought leaders selected for LinkedIn’s original content launch, which was recently covered in Wired, Fast Company, and All Things Digital. Read Tim’s original post in the LinkedIn series here.

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articles / Posted: October 2, 2012