Hello, I’m Yuryon Cho

Experience Specialist, IDEO Tokyo

趙 悠蓮

IDEO Tokyoのエクスペリエンス・スペシャリスト。IDEOのデザイナーやクライアント・チーム向けに快適なエクスペリエンス作りを支援し、スタジオのクリエイティブ・カルチャーに活気を与えている。IDEO入社以前はクリエイティブの現場で経験を積んだ。直近では、Aquent社でクリエイティブな人材が自分たちのゴールや熱意に沿った新たなキャリアチャンスを発見する支援をしていた。


Yuryon is the Experience Specialist at IDEO Tokyo. She helps bring to life the studio’s creative culture by helping create delightful experiences for our designers and client teams. Prior to joining IDEO, Yuryon worked in numerous creative fields, most recently at Aquent where she helped creative talent discover new career opportunities aligned to their goals and passions.

Yuryon was born in Osaka, Japan and has lived and worked in both China and the United States. She holds a degree in Chinese history and language from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.