Hello, I’m Johnathyn Owens

Product Designer, IDEO Tokyo


IDEO Tokyoにてプロダクト・デザイナーを務める。クライアントと共に、人に寄り添ったプロダクトやエクスペリエンスを通して、ヒューマンライフの質の向上に取り組んでいる。IDEO入社以前は、Fuseprojectやフィリップスに勤務し、新規市場向けに人間中心型のデザイン・ソリューションのデザインや、社会と環境の進化につながる機会を創出に取り組んだ。


Johnathyn is a Product Designer at IDEO Tokyo. He works with clients to create empathic products and experiences to raise the quality of human life. Prior to IDEO, Johnathyn worked at Fuseproject and Philips, designing human-centered design solutions for new markets, and creating opportunities for social and environmental advancement.

Johnathyn holds a Double Masters in Innovation Design and Mechanical Engineering from the Royal College of Art, and the Imperial College of Engineering, London. In his free time, he enjoys working on creative film and documentary projects that empower individuals and communities.