Hello, I’m Barry Lachapelle

Design Lead, IDEO Tokyo


IDEO Tokyoにてインタラクション・デザイン・リードおよびクリエイティブ・エンジニアを務める。最先端技術を人のニーズに適用することに強い興味を持ち、クリエイティブなコーディングやピクセル・プッシュ、継続的な実験を通してアイディアを具現化している。IDEO入社以前は、複数の広告代理店に勤務し、カンヌライオンズ、サイバー部門を含む多くの受賞歴を持つ。


Barry is an interaction design lead and creative engineer at IDEO Tokyo. With a fascination in applying cutting-edge technology to human needs, Barry brings ideas to life through creative coding, pixel-pushing, and continuous experimentation. Prior to IDEO, Barry worked in several advertising firms, winning various awards for his work, including a Cannes Cyber Lion.   

Barry studied at Toronto’s Ontario College of Art & Design. He has lived and worked in Toronto, London, Paris, New York and Tokyo and loves cycling, snowboarding, surfing and being a husband and father.