Role summary:

At IDEO, our world-class multidisciplinary teams create innovative solutions to address core human needs. In order to do this, we work with the latest tools and technologies to support and experiment within all aspects of our design process—from research to design; from concept to implementation. Software Developers at IDEO work closely with small teams that could include interaction designers, design researchers, industrial designers, communication designers, electrical and mechanical engineers.

Software as a creative discipline:

We believe software development is a creative discipline. Software Discipline colleagues are creative problem solvers who often employ unorthodox yet ingenious ways to push a design. They may modify an off-the-shelf PC driving game to integrate with an automotive simulator, or they may collaborate with city organizations and data scientists to access, map and visualize raw energy usage data and expose human behaviors.

Why is this job important to IDEO?

Following a “build to think” approach, front-end software developers at IDEO bring our designs to life. Colleagues in this role will design software with a diverse range of fidelity; from quick and dirty user experience prototypes, designed to facilitate research interviews, to fully-fledged, public software products that have a direct impact on end-users. Software Design colleagues have the opportunity to explore projects that span mobile to desktop; wearables to interactive installations.

Once you are here you will:

  1. Collaborate with small, diverse teams to identify design opportunities, brainstorm, and sketch designs for software.
  2. Create and interpret visual design mockups in order to develop software ranging from lightweight clickable prototypes to production-ready applications.
  3. Participate in research trips and user interviews, to inform and inspire the design process.
  4. Debrief and discuss user feedback with the design team, in order to synthesize research into meaningful design iterations.
  5. Continually learn and apply user interface patterns, development tools and frameworks.
  6. Work with a diverse set of stakeholders (coworkers, clients and mentors) to communicate complex concepts and complete projects.
  7. Share techniques and approaches with other designers—from the software discipline to interaction design, and beyond.

Some previous projects to check out:

  • Zebra Zatar: IDEO designed the first user-centered, cloud-based platform for the enterprise – designing a simple, intuitive interface in concert with developing the supporting remote services.
  • Food Genius: We tapped into food consumption data with our first startup-in-residence to design Food Genius Reports, a consumer and food industry trends dashboard.
  • PNC Wealth Insight: After conducting deep field research with wealth managers, an IDEO team utilized real client data to create clear and concise visualizations that give investors the right level of insight.
  • State Farm NextDoor: This IDEO-designed service includes several digital touchpoints which foster person-to-person interaction, including a tablet-based coaching app that helps customers create unique financial plans to follow over time, via a secure web interface.

Relevant experience:

  • Passionate, self-motivated, and an inspiring champion of software as a craft.
  • Creative problem solver, often considering unorthodox yet feasible ways to push the design, and sharing these discoveries with others.
  • Enjoy implementing detail-oriented front-end web and mobile experiences.
  • Selflessly collaborate with a diverse set of colleagues (co-workers, clients and mentors) to create successful outcomes.
  • 2 or more years of experience developing production applications

Application instructions:

Please share 3 projects that best represent your capabilities and interests. Please include links to your Github repos, blog and/or website.