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Innovation in the public sector often requires breaking away from historical thinking. Through our passion, clarity, and a reliable methodology, IDEO helps clients tackle some of the most inspirational — and challenging — issues that government leaders face. We’re committed to enabling meaningful participation among government employees and citizens that leads to large-scale, positive change.

At IDEO, we bring our private sector knowledge, connections, and experience to government and nonprofit projects to augment what clients already do well. We leverage an organization’s traditional strengths — such as hiring talented individuals, gathering evidence, and being compliant — to help build a culture of innovation, to modernize and humanize systems, craft forward-looking strategies, and to tap into new and existing networks.

IDEO’s approach gives our clients the comfort and confidence to move beyond compliance and really innovate. All of our solution sets are grounded in citizen/employee needs and aspirations, and informed by what’s leading edge not just within government, but more importantly, beyond it.

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The Business Registration and Licensing division within Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) tapped IDEO for assistance to overhaul its customer service.


IDEO’s 7 Keys to Design & Innovation for Government from “IDEO Takes on the Government” in Metropolis magazine. Download the PDF here.

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