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Helping people lead healthy and happy lives through design


Health care is in the midst of a game-changing transformation. As technological advances allow people to live longer and stay active, government reforms, cost-saving measures, and shifting attitudes are prompting people and organizations worldwide to think about health in new ways — and set new priorities.

At IDEO, we see this evolution as a historic opportunity to design human-centered products, services, spaces, and systems. We strive to help people thrive by easing their physical and emotional burdens around health and wellness. We partner with industry leaders to reshape organizations, build holistic solutions, and empower individuals, from doctors to patients.

We are as focused on revolutionizing prevention as we are on developing innovative treatments and delivery systems. Our diverse team of MDs, regulatory and clinical experts, engineers, and multidisciplinary designers specialize in producing effective, meaningful outcomes.

Our Approach

The proliferation of consumer information, custom therapies and regimens, social health networks, and patient-centered providers give everyone the ability to manage their own health better than ever before. At IDEO, we inspire and enable people to take charge of their well-being by innovating along the entire health-care continuum, from prevention to management. For more information, click here.
IDEO provides specialized services for the creation, development, and implementation of innovative medical devices, diagnostics, and life science equipment. We approach every device as its own platform with a complex road map to get to market, and we make sure every product meets critical human, business, technology, manufacturing, and regulatory requirements. For more information, click here.

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