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From extravagant industry promises to scary government statistics, the mixed messages being sent about food today are sometimes exciting, sometimes confusing, and often overwhelming. In response, consumers are coming up with new rules and strategies for what they will and won’t put in their mouths — and, as a result, their relationship with food is changing.

How do we know? IDEO’s Food & Beverage team spends considerable time talking with people about how they make food decisions. We also observe their behaviors. We’ve recently seen a major shift in their attitudes and actions: Many consumers, for example, are second-guessing manufacturers’ nutritional claims and turning to grassroots advocates, online sources, and retailers as experts in what “healthy” is. Others are seeking deeper connections with food than mere sustenance, choosing products that help them understand what they’re eating, give back to the land, or become part of their community.

We use insights like these to help companies do everything from develop new flavors to unlock value in their supply chains. Our team excels at…

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Top Chops, one of the winning concepts for an IDEO design challenge, helps promote healthier eating habits for kids.

Inspiration and Influence

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    Lynda Deakin

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    Judy Guo

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