Energy is essential to modern society. It powers homes, workplaces, transportation, and recreational activities. People can scarcely imagine a world without gas and electricity, yet they tend to take both resources for granted until, suddenly, neither is as readily available as it once was.

In recent years, new technologies, government policies, and environmental concerns have spurred major industry changes in how energy is produced, distributed, and stored. Organizations can turn these changes into opportunities by providing solutions that enable people to build new relationships with energy.

At IDEO, we consider how people perceive, connect with, and use energy — and help clients use this knowledge to develop better products, services, and experiences. From organizational change to innovation-capability building and beyond, our team works to address energy questions such as how to forge strategic alliances, explore emerging technologies, monitor consumption, and encourage new behaviors.

A consumer illustrates her household’s energy use.

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  • Annetta Papadopoulos

    Annetta Papadopoulos

    In her capacity as an Associate Partner, Design Engineer, and Project Manager in IDEO’s Palo Alto, Calif., office, Annetta contributes her expertise to projects ranging…

  • Andrew Burroughs

    Andrew Burroughs

    Andrew, a partner at IDEO, was educated at London’s Imperial College and the Royal College of Art and brings a balanced view to the role of engineering and design.