The Digital Shop


A creative technology studio made up of software developers, interaction designers, product engineers and entrepreneurs, the D.Shop’s stock in trade is building with code.

Launch to Learn

Our operating principle is to prototype new ideas with a hypothesis-driven, test-in-market process. Whether testing new ideas with 10 or 10,000 people, we build with an eye toward quick learning and iteration.

Hardware Meets Software

We love making physical products come alive through networked, software-enabled experiences.

Creative Tools

We design tools that allow teams to work more effectively: from platforms for prototyping to apps that capture insight from user research.

Research and Development

We experiment and explore constantly. Not just because it’s fun—though there’s plenty of that to be had, too—but because it helps us push the edges of our digital practice, enabling us to expand IDEO’s offering, advance our capabilities, and produce viable early-stage products.

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  • Alex Grishaver

    Alex Grishaver

    Alex Grishaver is a co-director of the Digital Shop. Prior to the Digital Shop, Alex lead IDEO's Knowledge Sharing group, focusing on systems that facilitate communication and collaboration within organizations.

  • Josh MacAdam

    Josh MacAdam

    Josh MacAdam is co-director of the Digital Shop. Josh brings deep industry experience in agile development to the design process.