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So many of the world’s daily activities rely on technology that, when it comes to designing digital experiences at IDEO, we see no boundaries among platforms. Our team uses hardware, software, Web and mobile elements, and interactive media — whatever it takes — to develop entirely new, effective means for people to share, create, and communicate.

We believe that every industry has the potential to adapt, respond, and grow its digital solutions in ways that were never before possible. With support from IDEO’s engineering, business design, and communications experts, as well as outside tech partners, we work with clients in fields as diverse as transportation and retail to understand and explore the digital world and to determine which options will best suit their customers. Recently, we helped PNC Bank define online banking for Gen Y, Sesame Street bring its classic children’s characters to the iPhone, and an Internet entrepreneur seed future tech invention in Europe.

Mobile Technologies
Instant, persistent access to information and perpetual interconnectedness are changing the way people behave. We embrace the responsibility that comes with designing in mobile contexts, given its…

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Capturing real-world mobile experiences in a Tokyo karaoke bar.

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Meet Nelson, Coupland, and Alice — the faces of tomorrow’s book. For more on the Future of the Book, click here.


  • Duane Bray

    Duane Bray

    Duane is a Partner at IDEO, where he heads the firm’s Global Digital Business. He joined IDEO in 1995 to lead and develop the discipline…

  • Iain Roberts

    Iain Roberts

    Iain has had a lifelong passion for combining human-centered design with emergent technology platforms and has produced award-winning partnerships in the fields of urban mobility,…

  • Danny Stillion

    Danny Stillion

    As a Partner at IDEO, Danny serves as an Executive Design Director. With a background in fine art, visual communications and product design, Danny was…