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Whenever a company designs a new product, service, or experience, it is essentially designing its business. When done well, Business Design creates offerings that inspire organizations and excite customers. At IDEO, we combine design thinking and traditional corporate strategies to help clients create avenues for market growth. By shifting focus from linear practices to iterative design processes, we can shed light on new options and explore the various alternatives. Our methods include qualitative and quantitative research, business model prototyping, data visualization, organizational design, and IP liberation.

Over the past ten years, we’ve used Business Design to help clients address a broad range of challenges, such as: designing the next-generation news offering for a major publishing company; creating a personal finance service built on lifestyle and community; building a new, sustainable growth model for an online education company; launching an online employment service designed for the millennial workforce; redesigning a direct sales business for emerging markets; and developing an OTC retail business for a pharmaceuticals manufacturer.

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  • Diego Rodriguez

    Diego Rodriguez

    Diego Rodriguez is a senior partner at IDEO, a founding professor at the Stanford, an Entrepreneur-in-Residence Emeritus at Harvard Business School, and a Visiting Scientist at the MIT Media Lab.

  • Matt Weiss

    Matt Weiss

    Matt Weiss is a Portfolio Director and Business Designer at IDEO Boston, where he blends his experience in strategic design for large corporations with his…

  • Misa Misono

    Misa Misono

    Misa is a Portfolio Director in IDEO San Francisco’s Food Studio, where she focuses on retail and technology. She also leads the location’s Business Design…