About IDEO

IDEO is a global design company. We create positive impact through design.

We believe...
  • Everyone is creative.

    IDEO builds learning platforms and tools to unlock creativity.

  • Creative organizations are more agile.

    IDEO helps organizations innovate by empowering the people who drive them.

  • Complex problems are best solved collaboratively.

    IDEO brings together networks to act on systemic challenges in education, sustainable food, mobility, and aging and death.

  • Innovation in public life starts with people.

    IDEO creates human-centered products, services, spaces, and organizations that empower communities, cities, and even countries.

  • Technology moves fast, human needs change slowly.

    IDEO connects emerging technology to everyday needs and aspirations in fields such as biodesign, life science, health, and data.

  • Venturing is R&D.

    IDEO helps large organizations move quickly and small companies scale by putting people’s needs at the center.

How We Work

IDEO is known as a pioneer of human-centered design—putting people at the center of our work. This approach has come to be known as design thinking. As our methods continue to evolve in response to new challenges, we’re launching innovation labs, creating pop-up incubators, live-prototyping new businesses, and designing in code. See how we’re building to learn, and learning as we build.

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Who we are

How do we nurture creative culture?


By building a community that shares common values. To help us understand what binds us together, we wrote down our values in a cloth-bound book. It’s called The Little Book of IDEO.

  • Our Values:
  • Be Optimistic
  • Embrace Ambiguity
  • Make Others Successful
  • Collaborate
  • Talk Less, Do More
  • Learn from Failure
  • Take Ownership
The Little Book of IDEO open to the values Learn From Failure and Make Others Successful

Our Story

"When I started the firm that would eventually become IDEO, all I really wanted to do was work with my friends on cool projects. My dream for the future of IDEO is the same as it was back in 1978: that everyone at IDEO finds their calling; that being here feels like working with friends; that we are all enjoying our lives; that we are engaged in what feels like important work we were personally put on Earth to do.” —David Kelley

Based on that foundation, IDEO grew its wings.

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In Summary

Download a PDF of our Fact Sheet here.