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Yes, We Too Have a Podcast

Apr 10 2016

We're always connected, but are we actually connecting? Billions of mobile phones and Tinder hookups later, many feel increasingly lonely, overloaded, and disenfranchised. IDEO Europe’s first podcast, How Might We, digs into how technology is changing intimacy.

In our first episode, Berlin-based digital design director Anne Pascual sat down with London's senior editor Ed White to talk about how technology is changing intimacy, and what that means for designers.

We set out to speak to some people designing at the edges of intimacy, to better understand both sides. 

We spoke to Pia, the founder of a "paid dating" app called OhLaLa, to talk about mobile, expanding choices, and the ever more complicated boundaries of the modern mating game.

We chatted to the founder of OffTime, an app designed to help you get offline and focus on meaningful, real-world moments with your family and friends. 

Technology needs to support us in our efforts to reconnect with others, to find intimacy instead of what most of the technology is doing, which is just exploiting our weaknesses.

OffTime, Michael Dettbarn.

Interview for Design x Intimacy in Berlin

Anne Pascual interviews Zara Rahman, Pia Poppenreiter, and Michael Dettbarn, at our Design x Intimacy event in Berlin.

Lastly, we caught up with Internet activist Zara about how technology both empowers vulnerable people and minority groups. But while people can find comfort online, they’re also increasingly exposed to the dangers of sharing their data.

What will the next episode bring? The future of work, the circular economy, ageing? Let us know what you think: IDEOEurope@ideo.com.

  • Ed White

    Senior editor, IDEO London
    Ed White is IDEO Europe's senior editor, helping shape our stories. Ed formerly edited Contagious magazine and has written for Wired, Dazed & Confused, Viewpoint, and Protein.