Quick + Dirty Design Tips: InDesign

Jun 30 2016

Sometimes you need to cut to the chase. If you're learning a tool outside your discipline, it's usually because a deadline is looming and your go-to experts can't help. There's no time to luxuriate in lessons. You need Quick + Dirty tips: bite-sized tool tutorials to beef up your skills, one morsel at a time.

Our first tip comes form Njoki Gitahi, senior communications designer at IDEO, who recently led InDesign novices in New York through an email-based intro to Adobe's powerhouse publishing tool. 
Indesign Sketch V2
  • Njoki Gitahi

    Senior Communications Designer, IDEO New York
    A rock nerd (geology, not music) turned graphic designer, Njoki channeled her practice of the scientific method into a passion for form, function, and the people in between. She loves to make, learn and teach—especially all at once.
  • Anna Silverstein

    Marketing Lead, IDEO New York
    A former actor and improviser, Anna lives for moments of hilarious vulnerability and unexpected candor. She finds these daily as mother to her 2-year-old son.

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