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  1. BlogDan Sayer

    Meet the Inventor Who Helps Bring Kids’ Wildest Ideas to Life

    Ladybug umbrella? Sure! A hat that shoots bubbles? Check!
  2. BlogJuho Parviainen

    How We Designed a Studio Space That Reflects Our Values

    At IDEO, our values are the guideposts for everything that we do. And that commitment extends to our office spaces.
  3. BlogShayna Proctor

    How Four People Live (Happily) in 400 Square Feet

    One designer's values-based system for life in a small space
  4. BlogTom Kelley

    Build Your Creative Confidence: Empathy Maps

    Exercises to help you unleash your creative potential from David and Tom Kelley’s best-selling book, Creative Confidence
  5. BlogLuca Ponticelli

    Thoughtless Acts: Going With Gravity

    The intuitive ways we adapt and react to things in our environments
  6. BlogRoss Sokolovski

    A Designer’s Daily Diary of Learning to Draw in VR

    Practice may not always make perfection, but it definitely builds proficiency, as this new IDEOer discovered.
  7. BlogJayme Brown

    If You Can’t Have Fewer Meetings, Have Better Ones

    Our best tips to help you design a non-boring meeting (yes, it's possible)
  8. BlogReid Williams

    What a Computer Learns From Watching Hours of Cartoons

    Exploring how an AI’s output is shaped by the data we provide it
  9. BlogScott Shigeoka

    This Artist-CEO Built a Collective That Tells Immersive Stories Through Art

    Meow Wolf's mysterious, larger-than-life work dots New Mexico's desert—with more coming soon
  10. BlogShoshana Berger

    5 Business Leaders Share Their Best Advice for Organizational Change

    Put your company on a self-improvement regimen
  11. BlogRich Cahill

    Thoughtless Acts: Glass Full of iPhone

    The intuitive ways we adapt and react to things in our environments
  12. BlogTom Kelley

    Build Your Creative Confidence: 30 Circles Exercise

    Exercises to help you unleash your creative potential from David and Tom Kelley’s best-selling book, Creative Confidence
  13. BlogJoe Brown

    To Build a Culture of Experimentation, Start With Bad Ideas

    How one company embraced experimentation to empower their employees
  14. BlogJuan Astasio Soriano

    Why This Cartoonist Keeps Pitching the New Yorker—Even After 100 Rejections

    One IDEOer is on a quest to land on the pages of The New Yorker. It isn’t going very well.
  15. BlogJoe Brown

    This Menswear Maker Works out of a 19th-Century London Workshop

    A hidden, rain-damp shop houses S.E.H Kelly’s obsessively detailed clothing line
  16. BlogNadia Surtees

    5 Ways Mindfulness Can Make You a Better Designer

    Incorporating mindfulness into the design process can help you feel more grounded and be more creative
  17. BlogMelanie Bell-Mayeda

    3 Tips to Help You Prototype a Service

    Prototyping is an integral part of design, but what does the process look like for experiences and human interactions?
  18. BlogDeirdre Cerminaro & Jimmy Chion

    Design Your Very Own Non-Partisan Voting Guide

    One IDEO alum’s plan to to increase voter engagement
  19. BlogSarah Rich

    15 Podcasts Playing in IDEO Ears Right Now

    Podcasts we're currently listening to and loving
  20. BlogIngrid Fetell Lee

    6 Ways to Hack Your Workspace and Find More Joy at Work

    Transform your work environment to increase joy and bring out your most productive, collaborative, creative self
  21. BlogTom Kelley

    Build Your Creative Confidence: 15 Seconds of Brilliance

    Exercises to help you unleash your creative potential from David and Tom Kelley’s best-selling book, Creative Confidence
  22. BlogJoe Brown

    4 Models for Handing Off Innovation Projects

    Tips to help you avoid the handoff trap
  23. BlogVirginia Martinez

    An IDEO Recruiter’s 5 Tips for Writing a Better Cover Letter

    What we've learned from the best letters to come through IDEO
  24. BlogShuya Gong

    Thoughtless Acts: Learn From Nature

    The intuitive ways we adapt and react to things in our environments
  25. BlogTom Kelley

    Build Your Creative Confidence: Mindmaps

    Exercises to help you unleash your creative potential from David Kelley and Tom Kelley’s best-selling book, Creative Confidence
  26. BlogKateryna Romanova

    6 Ways We Want to Redesign Cities

    Visions for a more human-centered city
  27. BlogSaige Perry

    Get Inspired by These Designers’ Side Gigs

    Passion projects help us stay inspired, push our edges, and bring new ways of thinking to our day jobs
  28. BlogAnna Hartley

    The Bright Side of Design Constraints: 3 Tips for Leveraging Limitations

    Three insights for turning design constraints into better client relationships and more effective prototypes
  29. BlogKristen Myers

    Why I Made a GIF Every Day (And You Should, Too!)

    How tiny projects can make you a better designer
  30. BlogMatthew Epler

    Learn the Basics of Coding with a Needle and Thread

    How a hands-on craft project builds digital know-how
  31. BlogJane Zanzig & Lisa Nash

    Using Data Science to Design Human Connection

    How we built Meaty the Meetbot, a humanoid meetball on a quest to bring people together
  32. BlogAnna Hartley & Carl Fudge

    5 Tips for Running a Successful Design Sprint

    To kickstart a marathon design project, it helps to start with a sprint. Here are 5 pro tips for building solutions in rapid intervals.
  33. BlogHeather Kathryn Ross

    Thoughtless Acts: Home for Joey

    The intuitive ways we adapt and react to things in our environments
  34. BlogSaige Perry

    6 Creative Crushes Whose Work Will Inspire You

    Sometimes the best way to get inspired is to steep in other people’s genius for a while
  35. BlogSean Mulholland

    How to Experiment with 360˚ Video

    Learn a new way to tell stories in 360 degrees—without the expensive camera
  36. BlogYuriko Yamaguchi

    How to Turn the Familiar Into Something New

    6 design lessons from a Japanese art exhibition that embraces the art of surprise
  37. BlogShuya Gong

    Thoughtless Acts: Clean Plate Club

    The intuitive ways we adapt and react to things in our environments
  38. BlogNadia Surtees

    To Make Sense of Messy Research, Get Visual

    “Sketch synthesis” is a way to make sense of research data and share that sense with others
  39. BlogSean Tang & David Aycan

    How to Set the Conditions for Innovation

    Creativity thrives in environments that fit the dynamic needs of modern teams
  40. BlogDavid Webster

    How We Can Help Technology to Be Good

    Our technology should bring out the best in us
  41. BlogMollie West Duffy

    What Org Design Actually Looks Like

    Follow an IDEO organization designer through a day of collaboration, synthesis, and making
  42. BlogAnnette Ferrara

    Why Workplace Culture Matters (And How to Build a Good One)

    5 ways to create an environment that inspires innovative work
  43. BlogSamantha Miller

    Thoughtless Acts: Mobile Hat Rack

    The intuitive ways we adapt and react to things in our environments
  44. BlogCamden Foley

    11 Magazines That Keep Us Inspired

    Learn which glossies inspire IDEO designers all month, every month
  45. BlogNat Steinsultz

    Why Your Office Needs a Laugh Detector

    How one data scientist set out to track the volume of laughter as a measure of success
  46. BlogJörg Student

    How to Motivate a Team to Pull Off the Impossible

    These life-size origami installations are built by creative leaders at IDEO
  47. BlogJustin Massa

    ​Trust is Earned, Not Machine Learned

    AI needs to earn our trust, just like any human relationship
  48. BlogJochen Weber & Tiffany Yuan & Leo Marzolf

    Teaching AI to See Our Best Side

    Teaching machines to respond to our most personal preferences
  49. BlogAnna Silverstein

    7 Ways to Design an Unforgettable Event

    How to engage your guests beyond the panel
  50. BlogKim Cullen

    5 Quick Org Design Tips

    Lessons in organization design (from a product designer!)
  51. BlogSophy Lee

    Design Like You Can Hear the Page

    Tools of visual storytelling:  Music and Calligraphy
  52. BlogAlex Gallafent & Randy Plemel

    How Sweden is Sparking a Mobility Movement

    3 design lessons from Sweden's sustainable mobility initiative
  53. BlogTara Tan

    Designing for Blockchain: Three Ways to Get Started

    3 design challenges to explore the future of blockchain
  54. BlogLynda Deakin

    What Electric Cars Can Tell Us About Redesigning the Food System

    Looking for inspiration in unexpected places can help us cut food waste and make products more appetizing
  55. BlogDean Malmgren & Jure Martinec

    What the AI Products of Tomorrow Might Look Like

    With human needs in mind, we designed some speculative smart things
  56. BlogLars Kaltenbach

    Thoughtless Acts: Hack Your Commute

    The intuitive ways we adapt and react to things in our environments
  57. BlogSean Mulholland

    The Digital Selves We Leave Behind

    We detail so much of our lives online; what if the dead could whisper through technology?
  58. BlogElise Craig

    How an Art Director at the New Yorker Unwinds

    When Rina Kushnir's not designing layouts, she can be found painting leaves
  59. BlogAshlea Powell Sommer

    This Deck of Cards Will Change the Way You Work

    Creating a common language for critique
  60. BlogAshley Szukalski

    How to Make Hard Feedback Pay Off

    It's not easy to have your work ripped apart, but it's essential to the creative process. Here's how to make it less hard.
  61. BlogEmma Scripps

    How to Use Conspiracy Theories for Good

    The human behavior behind sticky stories
  62. BlogMarta Harding

    3 Ways to Get Comfortable with Ambiguity

    When not having all the answers is the answer
  63. BlogBecca Chacko

    6 Tips for Amping Up Your Work Sprints

    Start with small questions, tight deadlines, and lots of listening
  64. BlogJane Ha

    Can an Interaction Designer Survive Without a Smartphone?

    What I learned during a month unplugged
  65. BlogLawrence Abrahamson

    Thoughtless Acts: Driving in Style

    The intuitive ways we adapt and react to things in our environments
  66. BlogAshley Holtgraver

    Why I’m Building a TV For My Baby

    Why I’m Building a TV For My Baby
  67. BlogSam Bertain

    A Kiss from the Future and Other Biodesign That Will Blow Your Mind

    A Q&A with Ani Liu, the MIT-trained artist whose boundary-pushing projects look more like science fiction
  68. BlogSean Mulholland

    How to Make Cinemagraphs with Your iPhone

    How to master the art of the moving image
  69. BlogAllison Press

    5 Brainstorming Exercises for Introverts

    How to adapt group activities to make sure all voices are heard
  70. BlogSally Madsen

    Thoughtless Acts: Design Your Breakfast

    The intuitive ways we adapt and react to things in our environments
  71. BlogClark Scheffy

    Be the Leader You Wish You Had

    Remember that people like to play
  72. BlogNadia Surtees

    The Kitchen Designer Who Helped Women Get Out of the Kitchen

    Ever heard of Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky? Her Frankfurt Kitchen changed women's work
  73. BlogJacob Waites

    How We Turned an Old Gas Station into a Community Hot Spot

    Great design doesn't just happen in big cities
  74. BlogSean Hewens

    A Cartography Nerd's Guide to Custom Map-Making

    How to one designer used public data to create an interactive map of San Francisco tennis courts
  75. BlogNjoki Gitahi

    A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer

    Follow an IDEO designer through a day of research, prototyping, and inspiration
  76. BlogKatie Kirsch

    3 Ways Boredom Can Unlock Your Creativity

    Ideas come to the prepared mind
  77. BlogShauna Carey

    Why This Illustrator Makes Her Own Tools

    An interview with picture book author and illustrator Cindy Derby
  78. BlogSabrina Keller

    Thoughtless Acts: Urban Surfing

    The intuitive ways we adapt and react to things in our environments
  79. BlogChristine Hendrickson

    Love Notes to Our Design Heroes

    In which we give our hearts away to Maira, Bucky, Syd, Marcel, and more
  80. BlogHeather Kathryn Ross

    The 4 Books Tim Brown Can’t Put Down

    The top four books IDEO CEO Tim Brown read last year
  81. BlogMaggie Zhang

    Whale-Centered Design

    4 lessons on designing for a client that isn't human
  82. BlogNicholas Pajerski

    Meet the Woman Who Spots Great Design for a Living

    SF MOMA curator Jennifer Dunlop Fletcher puts the world of design on display
  83. BlogShoshana Berger

    The Human-Centered Heart of California Design

    SFMOMA's "Designed in California" celebrates the legacy of the Left Coast
  84. BlogJake Knapp

    Feeling Stuck at Work? Switch to “Play Mode”

    Jake Knapp shares how a change in mindset can unlock creativity
  85. BlogDavid Rose

    Why Gesture is the Next Big Thing in Design

    With new cameras, sensors, and AI, it's time for design to get physical
  86. BlogShoshana Berger

    The Life of David Kelley, According to His Shelves

    The first Apple mouse, the Jaminator, and other gems from the personal collection of IDEO's founder
  87. BlogChris Nyffeler

    Get to Know the Creator of Song Exploder

    Graphic designer, musician, podcaster: Hrishikesh Hirway is a creative jack of all trades.
  88. BlogAlex S.

    How I Taught Myself to Code in 3D

    Hosting a 3D dance party in multiple realities
  89. BlogKate Lydon & Anna Hartley

    A Designer's Guide to Emergency Preparedness

    IDEO designers share their non-scary, non-overwhelming disaster preparedness plan
  90. BlogEri Tsutsumi

    Thoughtless Acts: Escape the Rain

    The intuitive ways we adapt and react to things in our environments