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  1. BlogHeather Emerson & Simone Stolzoff

    4 Ways to Work Together When We Can’t Be Together

    How we’re adapting for an age where digital collaboration is the norm
  2. BlogAlisa Ahmadian

    Why One Artist Challenged Herself to Learn 366 Different Knots

    Windy Chien spent a year learning how to turn rope into art
  3. BlogAli Cottong

    IDEO Designers Share the Best Creative Advice They've Ever Received

    Getting advice can be tough, but it can also be transformative
  4. BlogAllison Press

    4 Exercises That Prove Listening Matters

    Listening is a transformative act. Here's how you can do it better.
  5. BlogRob Rehrig & Derek Olson

    How to Design Your Way Through a Hacking Competition

    As opposed to hacking your way through a design competition
  6. BlogLauren Ito

    Meet the Fine Artist Who Works With T-Shirts and Chain-Link Fence

    San Francisco's Brian Singer lives and breathes provocation
  7. BlogShuya Gong

    How Quitting Plastic Got One Designer Thrown in Mall Jail

    There a lot of pros to quitting plastic—less waste, a fatter bank account—and some cons
  8. BlogBen Swire

    How a Kid's Perspective Improves Design Research

    Lessons from IDEO New York's Quinntern
  9. BlogJayme Brown

    24 More Things We Want to Redesign

    IDEO designs a lot of things. Here's what's still on our wish list.
  10. BlogSaige Perry

    Our Top 10 Stories of 2019

    The stories our readers read and shared most this year
  11. BlogGabriel Mugar & Hannah Rosenfeld

    How to Avoid the Tech Hype Trap

    Because the newest tech isn't always the right solution
  12. BlogOlivia Vagelos

    4 Reasons Warm-Ups Will Fundamentally Change Your Work

    Because warm-ups are so much more than awkward icebreakers
  13. BlogGabriel Mugar

    3 Rules for Making a Government Site Work for the People

    The state of Georgia proves it can be done
  14. BlogMani Nilchiani & Selma Durand & Alex Staudt

    Design Concepts to Help New Yorkers Fall Back in Love With Their City

    What does it mean to design for inconvenience?
  15. BlogErin Henkel

    5 Principles for Making Digital Healthcare More Human-Centered

    A more humane healthcare system starts with understanding human needs
  16. BlogKristin Kelly & Nate Carter

    Design an Organization's Purpose Statement With This Tool

    A 4-step process to create alignment on an organization's shared purpose
  17. BlogLauren Ito & Dima Boulad

    8 Designers' Tips for Better Visual Storytelling

    IDEO designers & OpenIDEO community members share their words to work by
  18. BlogVivian Barad

    5 Ways to Address Climate Change From Your Own Kitchen

    Try design-thinking the contents of your fridge