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  1. BlogJayme Brown

    Practice Your Prototyping Skills With These 4 Resources

    The more you test, the better your solution
  2. BlogTom Kelley

    Build Your Creative Confidence: Nickname Warm-Up

    Exercises to help you unleash your creative potential from David and Tom Kelley’s best-selling book, Creative Confidence
  3. BlogHolly Bybee & Lauren Yarmuth

    4 Tips for Addressing—and Even Embracing—Tension

    Focusing on differences can be challenging, but productive
  4. BlogSean Hewens

    A Cartography Nerd’s Guide to Mapping 100 Years of History

    IDEO's resident mapmaker leverages a century-old resource to discover his neighborhood
  5. BlogDave Kaplan

    Why Coding Needs to be a Conversation, Not a List of Commands

    4 tips for integrating your software developers into the design process
  6. BlogMollie West Duffy & Liz Fosslien

    Why You Should Invest in Real Friendships at Work

    The benefits go far beyond coffee breaks
  7. BlogLuca Ponticelli

    Thoughtless Acts: Monsoon Season

    The intuitive ways we adapt and react to things in our environments
  8. BlogEnglish Taylor

    This Woodworker Puts a Modern Twist on an Age-Old Trade

    Katie Gong's art is full of loops, curves, and elegant bends
  9. BlogEdwin Mwai

    Why You Should Get to Know Your Creative Alter Ego

    How one designer's aha! moment helped him discover his bold signature style
  10. BlogTom Kelley

    Build Your Creative Confidence: Speed Dating

    Exercises to help you unleash your creative potential from David and Tom Kelley’s best-selling book, Creative Confidence
  11. BlogSarah Rich

    3 Ways Design Can Help Tackle 2019's Big Challenges

    IDEO leaders share forecasts on prospective trends in design and tech
  12. BlogJames Wallman

    Don’t Wait for a Crisis to Change Your Business

    Strange as it sounds, the main challenge for some people today is that their business isn’t in crisis
  13. BlogKatie Kirsch

    3 Creative Exercises to Make Change Stick in 2019

    Setting resolutions and actually sticking to them can be very different things
  14. BlogSaige Perry

    Our Top 10 Stories of 2018

    Take a look back at the IDEO blog's greatest hits
  15. BlogJulian Kraan & Kim Cullen

    Visit the Workplace of Tomorrow With These 4 Futuristic Designs

    In the future, we don't think our 9-to-5s will be 9-to-5s at all
  16. BlogBrendan Boyle
  17. BlogLisa Nash

    What Does a Data Scientist Do at a Design Company?

    At IDEO, data scientists don't just code up solutions—they design them
  18. BlogKim Cullen

    Here’s What it Takes For Designers and Developers to Truly Collaborate

    4 tips to help blended teams stay human-centered, from concept to launch