Modo for Scout Electromedia

Wireless, handheld guide to culture and nightlife

Scout Electromedia’s Modo is a wireless, handheld device with a distinctive look that delivers up-to-date information on practically everything to see, do, or eat in the city. Targeting young, active urban adults in places like San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles, Modo provides its users instant access to movies, music, museums, and more, while providing its advertisers a desirable demographic.

Each Modo device updates its content automatically every day, so searches are fast. With its wireless connection, Modo updates if you travel to a different Modo city, and it runs on easy-to-find AAA batteries. The service is free’after you buy a Modo, you’re ready for a day or night on the town.

IDEO gave Modo a unique form to set it apart from other handheld devices, drawing inspiration for colors and forms from insects and other items from nature. It rests comfortably in the palm and invites others to hold, feel, and see for themselves. Modo comes in three color schemes, which react under the UV lights found in raves and party places, and the translucent case glows from its internal lights. Two different flexible rubber covers are available to protect the Modo’s screen, or attach to a belt, or act as a money or pencil clip. Even its “pill” packaging sets the Modo apart, sitting in a plastic blister pack with a tearable metal foil back.

Project date: 1999