Designs On– for IDEO

A design innovation platform that advances creative discussion through provocations around themes

Designs On— is an award-winning design innovation platform that advances global discussion in the creative community by presenting forward-thinking provocations around themes such as Food, Global Warming, and Packaging. Each edition combines individual perspectives at the leading edge of design to form a collective point of view.

The fifth edition, Designs On— Packaging Concepts, explores 18 unexpected packaging ideas for products, tools, containers, scents, interactions, and environments. Ideas include sustainable cup manufacture through synthetic biology, banana decay-inspired medicine bottle expiration date signals, and behavior-change-promoting cigarette packages that draw inspiration from Rubik’s cubes. The challenge in the 5th edition was to push the boundaries of experimental design and innovative thinking on the topic of packaging, providing an inspiring and meaningful take on a crowded and arguably over-designed space. Contributors were asked to consider three interdependent elements (object, verb, and emotion) when generating provocations.

Designs On— concepts challenge preconceived ideas with a diverse approach based on different branches of knowledge: product design, interaction design, service design, human factors, and communication design. Their tone ranges from scientific to playful, from serious to emotional.

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Project date: 2013