Life at IDEO

In the heart of Silicon Valley, a young designer named David Kelley once wrote a letter to a friend that included these words: "I want to start a company with all my best friends as employees." Built on this foundation of friendship and entrepreneurial verve, IDEO today is made up of over 550 individuals in offices around the world. Together, we navigate each day with curiosity, optimism, and a sense of humor. We are makers, designers, hackers, builders, thinkers, explorers, writers, listeners, risk-takers, and doers—and we love what we do.

August 17, 2015

Nerd Alert

IDEO Tokyo had a full-on electronic deep dive last week. The London studio’s Miha Feus swung by for some intensive learning about the many facets of hardware prototyping. One project involved wiring the foosball table with an Arduino to notify the studio when the mail arrives. The workshop, affectionately dubbed ‘The Nerd Zoo’, was a bit of an electronic component disaster area by the end of the week.

August 10, 2015

Roof Reels

It’s safe to say that ChIDEO got a little bit into their Tron rooftop movie night. There were props (read: helmets). There were dance lessons. There was tasty Mexican food. And there was a flashy photo booth with playful lights.

August 3, 2015

Wrap Party

IDEO London came together to celebrate the successes of their latest Fortnight class, Alan Nguyen, Jacob Jelen, Natsai Audrey, and Becca Rose. The party kicked off with Monika Bansal’s Sonic Salad, which involved recording the sounds of everyone chopping, sawing, and grating their vegetables, then putting them to music. Pizza, beer, and admiration soon followed.

July 27, 2015

Digi Whiskey

Whiskey Thursday went digital when IDEO New York squared off against their fourth floor neighbors, Square Space, in a whiskey cocktail competition. Teams were formed from each studio, with one hybrid team that represented both. Whiskey was combined with limes, mint, grapefruit, and chocolate. YUM.

July 17, 2015

Summa Time

Since the last snow pile has finally melted, IDEO Boston took advantage of the weather with a nice outing. They shuttled to an island in Boston Harbor and enjoyed volleyball, horseshoes, BBQ, swimming, and a killer sunset. Talk about bonding!