At IDEO, we have a saying: “We think to build, and build to think.” Our engineering teams — electrical, manufacturing, mechanical, and software — provide the backbone of our generative design process. Engineering has long been at our core, dating back to the earliest days of IDEO’s history as a company, and it continues to be vibrant and central to our work.

IDEO’s engineers help colleagues and clients see the big picture on the back end, from physics to factory. Through the early involvement in concept generation and evaluation, we help with the development of complex designs and systems, ensuring that the creative vision becomes a product in people’s hands.

Engineers at IDEO take products from concept to manufacturing, including detailed mechanism and circuit board design, CAD models, materials selection, and detailed analysis and testing. Our engineers help find and evaluate manufacturing…

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Inspiration and Influence

  • Everyday Engineering

    Everyday Engineering

    The website for Andrew Burroughs’s book, Everyday Engineering

  • IDEO Labs

    IDEO Labs

    Animation of Multiple LEDS with Arduino

  • Arup


    An independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants, and technical specialists making a positive difference in the world.

  • C60: I Miss My Pencil

    C60: I Miss My Pencil

    Experiment No. 11: C6O REDUX Process: Prototype 1 & 2


  • Andrew Burroughs

    Andrew Burroughs

    Andrew, a partner at IDEO, was educated at London’s Imperial College and the Royal College of Art and brings a balanced view to the role of engineering and design.

  • Bruce MacGregor

    Bruce MacGregor

    Bruce MacGregor is Managing Partner for Asia. In his 17 years with IDEO, Bruce has worked in North America, Europe, and Asia. His portfolio of…

  • Ari Adler

    Ari Adler

    Ari Adler is a Design and Community Lead at IDEO Boston. He works across projects to guide individual designers, teams, and clients in the human-centered design and innovation process, with a focus on solving complex technical challenges.